Engineering, Design and Entitlements

Principal Mark Maciel was also the owner of a premier civil engineering firm in Central Florida.  .
We are involved in several exciting projects from
 site selection, entitlements, design and construction. 

Full Entitlement/Engineering Consulation Services
Joint Venture Program
Property Sales

FF&E Purchasing and Installation 

Our company has the buying power and the ability to logistically handle it and install it from start to finish. Again this allows the client to have peace of mind that one company not several are handling their project. The personal touch allows the client one contact person to handle everything.

Additional Services:

Due Diligence Reporting and Mapping:

Speculators, Banks, Developers and Realtors are always scouting and assessing property uses.  Our fast and comprehensive land reports will send you down the correct path with regard to the highest and best use of your land. Sell or develop your land faster when you have a full due diligence report prepared by us. 

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​Green Construction

In 2010 and beyond companies and their projects are moving to a greener future. We can help. Our staff as the ability to design buy and set you up for GREEN certification on new build projects but to also help you convert older projects to green buildings. The advantages of going GREEN are Tax breaks from the government, socially responsible positive status from the community and positive publicity. 

The cost of “GOING GREEN” is not expensive anymore. Many manufactures are putting green products to market at competitive prices.


When undertaking an improvement project, moving and storage is always a concern.  MAM owns its own warehousing facilities and will manage the moving, storage of the new materials and handle liquidation of the old if necessary.

Our streamline delivery system will quickly deliver the new goods and take away the old in our patented container process.​

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Redevelopment Services:

Infill site and redevelopment opportunties became one of our primary focuses during the economic slowdown.  Repurposing both residential and commercial properties has created a significant opportunity for our firm.  Lot splits, maximizing a property's square footage/densitly and repurposing existing structures are all part of the redevelopment process.  

We've managed to take our involvement to the next step.  Our overseas sources have provided us the ability to take a project through the contruction stage with low cost high impact materials. and provides complete, high quality, affordable upgrade solutions for 
redevelopment project.  Remove the guess work and time involved in designing a gorgeous, 
cost effective renovation. Prepackaged improvements, professionally designed in a modern or 
traditional style, are guaranteed to beautify your property and save you money.